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Build Faster with Blue Oak Timber

We have the products, the people, and the processes to help you build faster.

What We Offer

Builders partner with Blue Oak Timber to supply the materials and support they need to build quality, safe, stylish homes since 1949.

Installation Available: Let our certified installers do the heavy lifting.

By the Numbers

We are equipped with the facilities and advanced technology to handle your building material needs, no matter the size of the project. Our expert teams are ready to measure, select, order, build, load and deliver more than just materials. We deliver solutions.

  • More than


  • Manufacturing

    Doors & Windows a year

  • Delivering

    board feet of lumber/year

  • Driving

    miles a year

  • Fleet of

    delivery vehicles

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Tour Our Showroom

We’ve built the largest window and door showroom in North Alabama just so you can see, touch and experience the unmistakable quality, craftsmanship and enduring beauty of the very best we have to offer.

What to Expect

Our Roadmap to On-Time and In-Full Deliveries:

  • Delivery Specialists
  • Pro-active Communication
  • Smart Technology
  • Service Level Commitment
  • Job Site Organization

We Care About


Our Employees

Every employee matters, and we treat our employees like family.


Our Community

We invest our hearts and our treasure in the communities where we do business.

Global Care

Our World

We believe in making a difference at home and afar.